I drove through a red light last night

didn’t stop

didn’t even register that it was red

I almost hit 4 oncoming cars

but I didn’t

so I drove on 

and no one even noticed

aside from the cars I brushed by

but they were long gone

and I’m still here

life is fragile

keep your eyes open

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Day 469 “Unseen Growth” by Matt Chinworth (follow his tumblr TypeSWAMP where he creates a new design every single day)

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dELiA*s catalog, 1999

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Audrey Hepburn and Rob Wolders photographed by David McGough at LAX, Los Angeles, 1984.

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Can someone please be free, just to talk?


On the beach in Le Lavandou. Photographed by Julien Capmeil. See the story “Provence Moderne” in our May 2014 issue! #tasteintravel #takemethere #lelavandou #provence #beachday (at Le Lavandou)