Still worthless?

Has anything changed since last year.
Have I really become more independent, self-sufficient, happy? Or have the insecurities merely been tucked away. I’ll still be the little shit whose mother won’t listen to them. Am I a monster or a lost cause?

hello yes i am alive

i still have the same # of followers 

l o l 

How do you delete people from your life.

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.

Ibn Taymiyyah

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Grouplove - Ways to Go

Even when I can’t see my rear view
Even if I call just to hear you
Even when I sleep all day
Even when I sleep all day
Even if I wasn’t like I’m times two
Living in the back of a bunk just like we do
Even when I dream all day

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currently reading:

currently reading:

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my immediate family is shit. they must all think i’m fucking neurotic or something, when ironically they’re the ones who drive me nuts. I ask them to just listen to me, and they don’t, and all they want to do is tell me their own fucking sob story. I swear, I’m sitting up in my room on my dead fucking blog while my twin “transgender/queer/confused” sister or whatever the fuck she wants to call herself tells them all the deetz of her day and they nod along and slurp loudly and laugh

get me out of hell please

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Hesher by wallpaper.

Take me back to warped

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